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Remote blood test service

Our remote medical service enable you to undergo either complete yearly blood counts or certain specific blood tests at your own home, at your office or in any other place agreed upon.

Our licensed registered nurses specialized in blood sampling and in other medical tests have unmatched dexterity during the procedure, providing pain-free blood sampling both to your little children and to the entire family.

Our team of nurses is available 7/7, in order to provide you with maximum flexibility and to tally with your schedule. Unless otherwise specified, the laboratory results are generally available within 24 hours.

Our mobile clinic is associated to a certified acknowledged laboratory complying with the strict rules of Quebec’s Public Health Laboratory and of the Ministry of Health and Social Services. You can thus rest assured that you will get results in line with the effective rules in Quebec in the field of health.

Please note that in order to enjoy our medical services, the prior step is for a physician to hand you a medical prescription for blood tests or other medical tests.

The patients having a medical prescription for blood sampling may choose to go have their blood count carried out in a public or private health facility or to address themselves to a blood sampling mobile clinic, such as the one we are proposing.

A medical prescription for blood and other tests is mandatory at all times.

Our mobile blood test company offers the remote service to the greater Montreal areas.

Our mobile clinic also cover parts of Laval, as well as the North and the South Shore regions.

Please refer to the contact form present on our website (right above) for in order to contact one of customer support agent in order to receive the visit of one of our nurses at home for your next blood test.

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